AnnouncementVulnerability by the manufacturer of network monitoring systemDecember 15, 2020

Update 12-16-2020

Origo's Orion network monitoring system has been upgraded and is back to normal.


Due to a security vulnerability reported by the manufacturer of the Orion network monitoring system.

Origo has been working on updating the Orion network monitoring system since yesterday, the monitoring system is one of Origo key systems and used to monitor and ensure responses to network layer deviations. Several Origo customers also use Orion for the same purpose.

The system has limited openings to the Internet and there is no evidence that the vulnerability has affected the Origo’s environment or its customers.

Due to the seriousness and possible effects of this vulnerability, Origo has since yesterday performed forensic work and analyzed the scope and effects as well as setting up a new environment to minimize the possible effects and risks associated with the vulnerability. The system has been switched off while the new environment is being set up, but it is expected that the new install will be completed on the evening of 15.12.2020. While the system is turned off, network monitoring and automatic response are limited.

This vulnerability affects all Orion users worldwide.

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