AnnouncementOrigo reacts to global security vulnerabilityDecember 13, 2021

Origo would like to make the following announcement in light of major media reports about the global threat to computer system vulnerabilities discovered on Thursday.

An analysis of the vulnerabilities in Origo's environment has been carried out and efforts are being made to minimize the potential impact and prevent potential damage where possible in computer systems hosted and operated by Origo.

A team of experts is deployed to this project and it will be a top priority until the threat is over.
As previously stated Origo has also activated additional security protections to restrict access to the systems covered by the vulnerability.
Some clients may be aware of different functionality during the process of this work.
If clients are aware of different functionality it is due to the process of this work. If customers become aware of a change in functionality, it is because they are avoiding risks that might otherwise exist.

Origo will provide information on the situation and further information will be published as the work of the technicians progresses.

If customers request further or a specific support - other then that has been stated above - you can send us an email at

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