AnnouncementUpdated announcement regarding Log4j security vulnerabilityDecember 17, 2021

Due to the imminent global threat regarding to the security vulnerability Log4j that was discovered on Thursday, Origo wants to disclose the following.

Origo continues the work to minimize risk and prevent potential damage due to Log4j
The operating infrastructure response team has worked tirelessly and with the highest priority on protecting computer systems hosted and operated by Origo, in addition to protecting the office environment of customers where Origo manages the terminal operations.
Similarly, the response team within software development have worked tirelessly to protect and minimize risks related to software produced by Origo, as well as to assess the existence of security vulnerabilities, directly or indirectly related to solutions from other software vendors
Surveillance of the vulnerability has been further strengthened and activated, closely monitored and acted upon immediately if circumstances so require.
Some customers may be aware of altered functionality, but this is due to the work to prevent risk or to control systems that monitor, locate and repair the security defect.
Origo will continue to provide information as appropriate.
Origo also wants to point out the following information provided by the security company Syndis

Log4j Vulnerability

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