AnnouncementUpdated announcements regarding COVID-19March 26, 2020

Approximately 90% of our staff works from home to minimize the risk of group contagion and to protect Origo’s operations and service to our customers. Those who attend work are store employees and service center operators. This arrangement has in no way hampered or influenced Origo’s operations or services.

All our plans aim at securing operations and levels of service while maintaining routine operations as much as possible.

Due to the circumstances our service desk and frontline service are extremely busy, and we therefore ask for patience and understanding.

We would like to suggest the alternative of our online store,, and delivery of orders in smartboxes stationed in Borgartún 37 and at Köllunarklettsvegur 8.

Emergency phase declared on March 8

Emergency Phase was declared on March 8, following announcements from The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and The Directorate of Health/Disease Prevention. Origo’s employees were informed about the response plan and notified accordingly.

Origo has also taken the following steps:

Introductions and travels have been temporarily postponed to secure employees and operations. Origo has activated a webcast in order to communicate with customers.
Distance between employees and customers that visit the store, warehouse or workshop is as recommended by The Directorate of Disease Prevention.
Digital communication replaces conventional meetings as much as possible.
Visits from suppliers have been postponed.

Emphasis on maintaining service

Due to the nature of the matter and the fact that it concerns an unknown and serious disease, nothing can be asserted as to whether limitations on service will be unavoidable.

As the production capabilities of computer manufacturers has been somewhat weakened, a delay in delivery of computer equipment is to be expected. The supply of spare parts is unchanged as the sources are located all over the world.

Origo’s plans aim at securing operations and service through all phases of the response plan and maintaining service and routine operations as much as possible.

Origo’s Security Council convenes daily to assess the situation, make necessary decisions and keep employees informed.

In the unlikely event that Origo is unable to meet the needs of all our customers and will be forced to limit services, priorities will be made in the public interest with emphasis on the necessary and important infrastructure of the country.

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