AnnouncementUpdated announcements regarding COVID-19September 21, 2020

In view of the large number of new cases recently, Origo has made adjustments to its activities in an effort to minimize the risk of infections while still keeping up normal operations and service levels.

The new arrangements at Origo require that the number of employees in each buffer zone does not exceed 20. Organizational teams within divisions have been split up to minimize the risk of infection and employees will be asked to work remotely if they are able.

These measures are not expected to disrupt Origo's normal operations or any of its services.

All measures taken by Origo are aimed at maintaining normal operations and service levels to the extent possible.

We would like to remind customers of our Online Store and the possibility of picking up products at smart pickup stations located at Borgartún 37 and Köllunarklettsvegur 8.

Employees will perform their tasks remotely where possible.
The number of employees at headquarters at any given time will be kept to a minimum.
Presentations and travel are temporarily suspended to protect employees and operations.
A distance of 2 meters will be observed between employees and customers who visit Origo's store, warehouse and repair service.
Communications and meetings, both internal and with customers, will be conducted digitally for the most part instead of the conventional way.
External visits to headquarters will be kept to an absolute minimum.

These arrangements are designed to ensure continued operations and services through all phases of the crisis management plan and to keep up normal activities to the extent possible. Origo's Security Committee meets regularly to review the situation and take any decisions that may be necessary, in addition to informing employees.

In the unlikely event that Origo will not be able to meet the needs of all customers and needs to limit its services, Origo will prioritize its operations with the public interest in mind with a focus on infrastructure which is essential and important for the country.

Origo's focus is on maintaining services and the arrangements announced now will be reviewed after one week.

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