Investor NewsOrigo hf. Annual General Meeting 2020February 18, 2020

Origo hf. Annual General Meeting 2020 to be held on Friday, 6 March 2020, at 2:00 p.m. in the Company's Conference Room at Borgartún 37, Reykjavik.

  • The report of the Board of Directors on the activities of the Company during the preceding year of operation
  • Confirmation of the annual financial statements of the Company and decision on the disposal of the year's profits
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors to reduce share capital in connection with repurchases of own shares, requiring amendment of Article 2.1 of the Company's Articles of Association
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors to amend Article 5.1 of the Company's Articles of Association so that the Board of Directors will hereafter be composed of 5 principal members and no alternate members
  • Decision on compensation for Board members and for membership of sub-committees
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors concerning a remuneration policy
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors concerning a stock option plan
  • Proposal to amend the Articles of Association the Company so that the Board of Directors will be authorised to increase the share capital of the Company by up to ISK 18,834,000 in nominal value
  • Elections to the Board of Directors
  • Election of an auditor
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors on the appointment of two members to the Nomination Committee
  • Proposals from shareholders
  • Proposal on authorisation for the Company to purchase own shares in accordance with Article 55 of the Icelandic Companies Act
  • Proposal by the Board of Directors on a dividend policy
  • Any other business

Shareholders rights to add items to the meeting agenda and voting

Shareholders are entitled to have certain matters discussed at the shareholder meeting by submitting a written or electronic request to the Board of Directors with sufficient notice to ensure that the matter in question can be placed on the meeting agenda. Shareholders are required to submit their requests no later then 10 days before the meeting, i.e. by 2.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 February 2020. Further information on participation and voting is available on the Company website.

Each share of one Icelandic króna carries one vote at shareholder meetings. No voting rights are attached to the Company’s own shares. The documents of the meeting will be delivered at the meeting place.

Shareholders who are unable to attend may appoint a proxy by written appointment or vote by mail. Shareholders intending to use either one of these options should check the Company website for further information on how to proceed. The website contains instructions on the registration and form of documents and how they should be delivered to the Company.

Additional information 

The final agenda and all documents to be submitted at the meeting, including the Company's annual financial statements and all proposals, will be accessible to shareholders on the Company website and will also be available at the Company's office. Shareholders are reminded that according to Article 63a of the Icelandic Companies Act, declarations of candidacy to the Board of Directors shall be made with at least five days’ prior written notice. Details of submitted candidacies will be published on the Company website two days prior to the AGM at the latest.

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