Investor NewsOrigo hf. Financial Calendar 2021December 21, 2020

Origo hf. will hold an Annual General Meeting and publish interim and annual results according to the financial calendar below for the year 2021

Annual Report 202028.01.2021Thursday, end of day
Annual General Meeting 202104.03.2021Thursday
Interim Financial Statements Q1 202129.04.2021Thursday, end of day
Interim Financial Statements Q1 202126.08.2021Thursday, end of day
Interim Financial Statements Q1 202121.10.2021Thursday, end of day
Annual Report 202127.01.2022Thursday, end of day
Annual General Meeting 202203.03.2022Thursday

Please note that dates are subject to change with notice.

Further information
Gunnar Petersen, Chief Financial Officer tel. 825-9001,
Jon Bjornsson, CEO, tel. 693-5000,

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