Investor NewsRegular Notification of Purchase of Own Shares in accordance with Share Repurchase ProgramDecember 18, 2018

Last week, Origo hf. (ORIGO) purchased a total of 845,169 own shares for ISK 20,932,019 as set out below:

Date Time Purchased shares Share price Purchase price Shares held by Origo after transaction
12.12.2018 10:36 281.723 24,9 7.014.903 441.706
13.12.2018 10:10 281.723 24,5 6.902.214 723.429
14.12.2018 09:31 281.723 24,9 7.014.903 1.005.152
Total   845.169   20.932.019  

The Company's purchase of own shares as set out above is consistent with the Company's Share Repurchase Program, which was approved by the Company's Board of Directors on December 11, 2018 and notified to the Iceland Stock Exchange on the same date.

To date, Origo has purchased a total of 845,169 shares, corresponding to 7.29% of the maximum number of own shares which the Company is permitted to purchase under the Program. The purchase price of the shares totalled ISK 20,932,019. Origo now owns 0.22% of the Company's total share capital, being 465,303,309 shares, having previously held 150,983 shares.

Under the Repurchase Program, the Company is allowed to purchase a maximum of 11,600,000 shares provided that the total purchase price does not exceed ISK 300,000,000. This authorisation is effective until March 7, 2019. The Repurchase Program will be carried out, and transactions in own shares will be disclosed, in accordance with the Act on Public Limited Companies No. 2/1995 and an Annex to Regulation No. 630/2005.

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