NewsStaff mountain hiking challenge is a hitJune 2, 2022

Polar explorer Haraldur Örn Ólafsson leads Origo's employees on a fun hiking challenge. The challenge lasts for six weeks and the participants summit one mountain on each hike.

Haraldur holds a weekly educational lecture on the summit of the week, gives advice on the necessary equipment for the hike and goes over all the safety rules. The staff is accompanied by co-workers, family or friends on the hikes.

"Origo is committed to the protection of the environment in its daily operations and contributes to sustainable development. The decision was therefore made to set up an in-house market where employees can sell, donate and buy used outdoor clothing from each other. This extends the life of the outdoor clothing and should allow everyone to find suitable clothing for their summer adventure," says Birta Aradóttir, Project Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Origo.

"It is a fun initiative by the company to set up the in-house market. So the mountain challenge is not only a great way to promote healthy living for our employees, but also gives us the opportunity to reuse outdoor clothing and show environmental responsibility," Birta explains.

Origo staff hiking in ReykjadalurOrigo staff hiking in Reykjadalur

A good atmosphere has developed among the group and a lot of fun pictures have been shared from the hikes. This has meant that employees who were not particularly interested in mountain hiking before have decided to go for it and start hiking mountains in the capital region and the surrounding area. Prizes are awarded for the most original picture each week. Prizes are also awarded for the team of the week and impressive hiking. The mountain hiking challenge ends with an outdoor day where the staff summit the final peak together and then celebrate with a barbecue afterwards.

"The participation of Origo's staff in this challenge has been absolutely fantastic. We started with the mountain challenge last year during Covid to maintain high morale among the staff. The challenge proved very popular, as there are a lot of competitors and avid hikers who work at Origo, so we decided to take up the challenge again this year," says Eva Demireva, a member of Origo's Human Resources department.

Hiking across MóskarðshnjúkarHiking across Móskarðshnjúkar
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