NewsSyndis and Origo’s Security Solutions Unite Under Syndis’ Brand NameApril 6, 2021

 Origo has purchased a 100% share in Syndis’ internet security solutions. With the purchase Origo and Syndis will join forces under Syndis’ brand name. The goal of the purchase is in part to build a strong unit that offers complete digital security services and assistance and develops protections from cyberattacks, identity theft and data theft.

 The merger will create a powerful company with a wide array of services and products in the field of information security. Close to 20 security specialists will have positions in the company as 9 employees will transfer from Origo to Syndis. Our expertise and experience from both companies will give our clients the opportunity to increase their security awareness and be prepared to protect themselves from any kinds of cyberattacks that are constantly changing and developing.  

 “Digital development has become leading in the operation of companies and calls for a new approach to protecting products and data. The need for monitoring the operations and implementing preventative solutions has increased. We see a great opportunity to expand as our digital transformation and development gains ground, and we are certain that Origo’s specialized knowledge and experience will increase Syndis’ ability to specialize in all-encompassing security solutions. Our goal is to create one strong unit that specializes in security services, advice and solutions and we believe the group, that will operate under Syndis’ brand name, is exceptionally well prepared to take on the task.” Says Örn Þór Alfreðsson, Origo’s Managing Director of Service Solutions.  

 “Origo has for years built up a strong team of specialists in security solutions and services with a strong base of suppliers such as Cloudfare, CSIS, Microsoft and IBM. The group that will join Syndis will greatly improve and expand our supply of solution and knowledge. We will be able to offer around the clock monitoring of operational systems, increased internet safety and advice services for cloud solutions, perform external and internal security assessments, code review and education for employees as well as special training courses for programmers. Syndis will also aim to increase new developments and innovation in monitoring methods for our clients, risk analysis on greater web environment and advice and assist companies that need to meet security requirements to become or stay compliant to f.ex. PCI DSS.” Says Valdimar Óskarsson, CEO of Syndis.

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