We are Origo

Origo is a leading Nordic IT service company that utilises the ingenuity of its staff to help its customers to enhance their results, success and security. We have more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems and service both in Iceland and Sweden. Origo has been publicly listed on the stock exchange, currently the OMX Nordic Exchange in Iceland, since 1995.

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Origo is traditional IT company transforming into a leading software house with a focus shift over the last decade. Software has become the linchpin of company’s operations and main source of profitability. We have more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems and service both in Iceland and Sweden.

Origo aims to create a structure enabling its three revenue streams to grow in the current favorable environment driven by IT acceleration due to cloud development. It will focus its digital transformation projects around Origo’s core strengths within banking, health care, energy and municipalities. Origo is adopting a more product led strategy within its software development, investing more strategically in its own IP.



Origo Facts

  • 100 software developers

  • 150 technical specialists

  • 200 consultants

  • Origo is an „IT department“ for 100 companies

  • 30,000 employees receive wages that are calculated in Orgo’s HR and payroll system each month

  • 7,000 e-prescriptions go through system of Origo every day

  • A leading company in services for the financial market in the Nordic countries

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Comprehensive portfolio

Origo offers comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all industries:


Own software (own IPs) sales, third party software sales in addition to implementations, maintenance and support. Growth opportunities in own software through further internal development and acquisitions, both locally and abroad. Focus: Health, Banking, Business and Travel.

Operation and infrastructure

Consultancy, IT services, operation of IT infrastructures / departments and specialized service in addition to sales of centralized equipment. Focus on security, cloud solutions and data centres. Growth to benefit from current trend towards increased outsourcing of IT.

End-user equipment 

Sales of computer equipment, audio and visual solutions, enterprise solutions, POS and technical equipment for retail and service operations. Focus on sales through the online channels, increased automation and efficiency. Growth in line with economic growth.

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Origo Headquarters

  • Address: Borgartún 37, 105 Reykjavík

  • Tel.: +354 516-1000 (Weekdays 09:00 - 16:00)

  • ID Number: 530292-2079

  • VAT Number: 32790



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