Sustainability Report 2021

Origo’s Sustainability Policy, published in early 2021, details the Company’s focus areas. The activities of information technology companies affect many different aspects of society, such as production and use of equipment, as well as various effects due to manpower working in the value chain. As a large buyer of hardware and services, Origo is in a position to have an impact, both through our own operations and in collaboration with our suppliers and partners. The goal of the Policy is to reduce negative impact of our operations on society. Information technology will play a major role in solving environmental problems and reducing the negative impact of climate change on society. Innovation, creative technical solutions and exploiting AI will be important factors in this regard.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


The emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility calls for the development of new business models, where the core business of a business unit is to contribute to building a sustainable world. The Sustainability Policy encompasses Origo's social responsibility in a broad context and the concepts of sustainability and social responsibility will be used interchangeably in the Policy. With its Sustainability Policy, the Company declares that it intends to work responsibly to minimize negative impact on society and increase the positive. Through its actions, the Company emphasizes influencing the Company's stakeholders and applying the effects of information technology to the benefit of the environmental, social, and governance issues.

A broad group of employees was involved in formulating the Policy and working on the selection of the United Nations' Global Goals. The work took place in two remote workshops on sustainability issues. The Policy extends to the parent company Origo and also to all the subsidiaries: Tölvutek ehf, Unimaze and Applicon AB. The Policy is in the spirit of the Company's strategy and takes into account its values, combined strength, professional daring, visionary service.

These neologisms refer to the working practices that are important to every service company and consist of cooperation, professionalism, audacity and initiative.

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Origo's main stakeholders are customers, subsidiaries, employees, suppliers, partners, enterprises and institutions. Origo can have a major impact on its stakeholders through its actions, as about 30% of the country's workforce is employed by the Company's customers. Origo therefore intends to lead by example in sustainability issues and provide clear and reliable information on the Company's performance. In the future, the Company will seek to mobilize its stakeholders to doing good deeds and motivate them to take action.


A Journey Toward Sustainability

In 2015, Origo established an environmental policy and action plan in environmental matters, in addition to signing the Climate Declaration of the City of Reykjavík and Festa.

Waste sorting began in earnest in 2016 and an agreement was reached with Klappir Green Solutions in 2017 for environmental measurements and measurements of the Company's carbon footprint.

Origo promotes improved health and safety of its employees by raising awareness of the importance of a healthy life, encouraging work-life balance and reinforcing employees' overall health empowerment. Origo prides itself on creating a good working environment and ensures that occupational hygiene and workplace conditions are optimal.

Over the years, the Company has provided various grants for social issues and placed great emphasis on good connections with employees and the community as a whole. Equal pay certification was introduced for the first time in 2018 and an ESG report was prepared in collaboration with Klappir Green Solutions in 2019.

Origo measures and follows up on measurements concerning human resources and equality in its own systems and has an active health and human resources policy.

The Board of Directors of Origo hf. strives to maintain good corporate governance and follows the "Guidelines on Corporate Governance" published by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, NASDAQ OMX Iceland and the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise.


We Are Responsible

The Company's Board of Directors approves the Policy, the owner of which is Origo's CEO, who is also responsible for its regular review at least every two years. The CEO is responsible for the implementation of the Policy, and will appoint a steering group comprised of himself together with the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Human Resources.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for implementing the goals and actions of the Policy, and is composed of the Company's management and employees. The committee will oversee follow-up and regular review, but the Policy will also be accompanied by a detailed action plan. The projects of the action plan will be discussed at committee meetings at least twice a year.


We Impact the Community

The activities of information technology companies affect many different aspects of society, such as production and use of equipment, as well as various effects due to manpower working in the value chain. Origo is a large buyer of equipment and services and can therefore have an impact both in its own operations and in collaboration with suppliers and partners.

The goal of the Policy is to reduce negative impact of our operations on society. Information technology will undoubtedly play a major role in solving environmental problems and reducing the negative climate impact on society. Innovation and the impact of digital solutions and artificial intelligence are very important factors in this respect.

As Origo is listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX), the Policy is essentially based on the Nasdaq ESG criteria of February 2020. Origo's Sustainability Policy is threefold, covering the factors used by Nasdaq's guidelines for measuring and disseminating environmental issues, social factors and corporate governance. The Policy goals take into account the current position of the Group. The Policy is also based on the United Nations' Global Goals and the government's action plan on climate change. The Global Goals are founded on three pillars of sustainable development; economic, social and environmental. Origo has chosen to support four of them specifically; Global Goal 5, gender equality; Global Goal 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure; Global Goal 12, responsible consumption and production; and Global Goal 13, climate action.

Environmental Factors

Origo's Environmental Policy focuses on the impact of the Company's operations and ways to reduce negative impact.

With its Policy, Origo intends to focus on doing its part in contributing to sustainable development. The Company also intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various ways and thus assist the Icelandic government in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Part of that work aims to reduce all waste in the value chain and measure the performance of that work.

The Sustainability Policy is also the Company's Environmental Policy. With the help of information technology and services, Origo will support its customers and other stakeholders in a digital journey that will reduce their environmental impact. Origo's environmental priorities also support the UN's Global Goals of responsible consumption and production and climate action, Global Goals 12 and 13.

Origo's environmental goals are as follows:

  1. Origo contributes to the sustainable development of the community and intends to have a positive impact on employees, customers and other stakeholders.

  2. Origo plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

  3. Origo plans to reduce waste generation and achieve a recycling rate of 90% by 2030.

  4. Promote a packaging-free society.

  5. The Company intends to measure the results and report them publicly.

  6. Origo intends to implement climate risk monitoring.

Social Factors

Origo's policy focus in social issues is part of the Company's Sustainability Policy and deals with communication with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Emphasis is placed on everyone enjoying the same human rights, and Origo emphasizes equality, gender diversity, good working conditions and equal pay for jobs of equal value. Our goal in social issues is crystallized in the Company's human resources policy: To become the most sought-after workplace and thus attract the most qualified employees to the Company on a permanent basis.

Origo respects international human rights and makes the same demands on its suppliers. The Company does not condone child and forced labour in its value chain and this will be discussed in more detail in the Company's new code of ethics and supplier evaluation. Origo also emphasizes the prohibition of mental and physical abuse. The Company has established a gender equality policy, a gender equality plan and obtained BSI's equal pay certification.

In addition, Origo's policy is to strengthen the links between technical disciplines at different education levels with the business community, to promote innovation in technical disciplines, to strengthen the foundations of such studies and to ensure a sufficient supply of outstanding technically educated staff in the coming years. Origo therefore supports projects that aim to promote innovation and encourage young people to participate in the technology sectors.

Over the years, Origo has provided various grants for social issues and emphasized a good connection with employees and the community as a whole. Origo supports community projects in the fields of humanitarian affairs, prevention and youth activity, research,

environmental issues and nature conservation. The grants are intended as an incentive to make a difference. The work will be in line with Global Goals 5 and 9.

  1. Origo emphasizes that everyone should enjoy the same human rights and opportunities at the company.

  2. Origo seeks to work towards gender diversity and gender equality goals.

  3. Origo works systematically to promote employee health.

  4. Origo does not condone inequalities in the labour market or slavery and child labour and will make the same demands in the value chain.

  5. Emphasis is placed on strengthening Origo's image as a workplace where emphasis is placed on an environmentally friendly lifestyle and a culture of equality.

  6. Origo focuses on a digital journey and innovation.

Corporate Governance

Origo's policy focus on corporate governance concerns the Company's Board of Directors and management, internal control and shareholders' rights. Origo's management system is based on the Act on Public Limited Companies. The Board of Directors of Origo hf. seeks to maintain good corporate governance and adhere to the "Guidelines on Corporate Governance" published by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, NASDAQ OMX Iceland and the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise. Emphasis is placed on respecting the rules of collective bargaining agreements and the code of conduct covers the rules and required conduct of suppliers, anti-corruption actions and human rights and privacy issues. The Board has established rules of procedure and Board members undertake to abide by them when they take a seat on the Company's Board. The rules of procedure deal with the role and implementation of the work of the Company's Board and also apply to some extent to the work of the Company's CEO. Great emphasis is placed on regular reporting on sustainability issues and that the activities are audited by external parties.

  1. Origo emphasizes the rights of its employees.

  2. Origo intends to review its suppliers' code of ethics and implement a supplier evaluation for the Group.

  3. Constant follow-up on supplier evaluations.

  4. Inform and educate stakeholders about Origo's sustainability projects.

  5. Origo emphasizes data security and privacy for its customers.

  6. Origo implements an ESG risk assessment for the Company.

Carbon Offset

Origo's Sustainability Policy is a sign of a good intentions on the road to sustainability and will assist the Company in prioritizing the projects that will be most important for the future. Origo has emphasized that the Sustainability Policy and the measurement of its results are carried out within the framework of the national and international laws and regulations that relate to the three ESG factors.

The calculation of Origo's environmental statement is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is a standard methodology that has been successfully implemented by a number of companies around the world. The environmental measurements are carried out in statements taken from Klappi's system, but other measurements are taken from Origo's information systems. This detailed information will assist the Company in carbon offsetting its operations.


Goals for Each Category

An integral part of the Policy are six goals for each category, environmental issues, social issues and governance.

Origo's overall sustainability statement will be made in accordance with Nasdaq's ESG guidelines in line with the Policy.

A detailed action plan and ways are in place to achieve the main goals of the Policy.