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Terms and Conditions

The general trade terms of Origo apply to all trade taking place between the company and its customers, unless different terms have been specifically agreed on. The present General Terms, with any relevant particular terms will, in addition to the contract made with the customer and, as the case may be, an addition to that contract, constitute the entire agreement concluded between the parties. A request to do business with Origo may be made orally (including by telephone), or by e-mail, depending on the nature of the goods or services required.

A contract may be concluded orally; however a written confirmation is generally necessary in the case of substantial transactions.

Origo's subsidiaries in Iceland are the following: Applicon ehf and Tempo ehf. By referring to Origo in these general trade terms the before mentioned subsidiaries are included.

Occasionally a contract may include terms not specified here. Such terms will in such cases either replace the terms specified herein, or constitute an addition to them. A notification will be made of such terms, when needed. New Issues Origo reserves the right to change both its General Terms and Specific Terms by means of renewed and dated issues. Any contracts concluded after the date of each reissue will be subject to the new terms.

The General Trade Terms of Origo, May 2016, enter into effect 1 May, 2016.