3 technical solutions that will improve your HR

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The digital transformation has changed and improved human resources in many ways, and it will continue to do so in the future. In this blog post, we highlight three solutions we believe every HR department should work with.

Why is HR technology important?

Well-functioning HR technology can affect how your employees perceive your company and how efficient your HR department is. It can improve employee engagement and employee retention.

Automation allows for increased efficiency and time to focus on other tasks. With suitable HR technology, you can automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks like onboarding processes, reminders, and requests regarding PTO, for instance. The HR department can instead focus on value-adding tasks that can’t be automated.

Here are three solutions HR teams should use:

1. Online employee training

Remote working has exploded in the last few years, and it is one of the biggest trends in HR. To be able to match future candidates’ expectations of remote working, and also allow them to grow in their position, online employee training is a good investment. Today, you do not only want to offer your employees training, but the training itself should consist of personalized courses that they can do at their own pace – at home if they like.

2. Conversational recruiting through AI-powered chatbots

To use AI for recruiting purposes is becoming increasingly popular, and one way to go about it is to use AI-powered chatbots. Conversational recruiting is easy to implement and use together with your existing recruiting solutions. It usually takes more than three weeks for a candidate to get an answer to if they will proceed in the recruitment process. Conversational recruiting can shorten that period by sending an SMS or email, just to keep the candidate updated, and make sure he or she doesn’t lose their interest.

The best way to go forward is to advertise across several channels. Sending text messages should be prioritized. Start with modest campaign strategies where you only reach out to a maximum number of 50 people. This allows you to handle all responses and you will be able to reach out to them personally.

3. Cloud-based HRMS, HRIS, or HCM

Cloud-based HR solutions are becoming the norm because of its scalability, which allows companies that increase or decrease their business to easily adjust with real-time data. It’s also popular for employees because of the self-services, which allow them to get an overview of benefits and tasks.

There is a huge load of information kept in the human resources department. Most companies, therefore, use a human resource management system (HRMS), a human resource information system (HRIS), or an HCM (Human Capital Management) to handle all their data. Regardless if you’re using an HRIS, HRMS, or HCM, it’s a system that consists of software, databases, and cloud computing suitable for managing a company’s HR. These platforms allow for an easier way for HR to handle personnel and talent management. You can view everything from bonuses, overtime, benefits, and collaborative software.

A smart way to further enhance your company’s digital transformation is to begin the process of moving up to the cloud. You will get a ton of benefits, some of them include:

You can operate this system from wherever you need. If there’s an urgent matter that needs to be solved, and you’re out of town, you can fix this remotely.
Your employees will also be able to adjust to a flexible workstyle, and have more freedom. One clearly visible trend in HR is the fact that candidates today are more interested in working remote. By using a cloud-based solution, employees can choose where they want to work, and at what time as well. They can also get answers to their questions whenever they need, such as reading up on a certain policy, or check their latest pay slip. This saves the HR team valuable time.
Global workforce data can also be analyzed by HR, to get an understanding of what your employees need.

All professional HR systems includes a payroll system. We believe the best way forward is a cloud-based payroll system, learn why in this blog post.

How Origo can help

Origo has more than 20 years of experience with developing, designing and using HR solutions. Our cloud-based payroll and HR system, Kjarni, is a solution for companies of all sizes. We’re also specifically designed for Icelandic companies, and have solutions to fit specific desires, such as easily securing that equal pay is being followed through. If you’re looking for a new solution for the future, get in touch with us to learn more.

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