Innovation and Product Development in Origo's Healthcare Solutions

Arna Harðardóttir25/10/2021
Héðinn Jónsson, vörustjóri í heilbrigðislausnum Origo

The Covid-19 pandemic signficantly accelerated digital development in healthcare. Many of the challenges that arose, such as the organization of screening, the tracking of infections and the management of infected individuals, had to be solved with information technology. The Icelandic health system's solutions to these challenges attracted a great deal of attention outside the country, but the success is largely due to the great development of digital infrastructure.

Origo's Healthcare Solutions have been at the forefront of development of diverse digital solutions for the healthcare system for the past 30 years. The Saga medical record system was introduced in 1993 and revolutionized the registration of medical record information in Iceland. The development of Heilsuvera as a central health portal was another important pillar, as it greatly simplifies communication with health professionals and gives individuals increased access to their health information. For example, the number of prescription renewal requests through Heilsuvera increased by 94% between years, and it can be estimated that this has saved health professionals a huge amount of time that previously went into responding to prescription renewal requests.

The importance of remote healthcare will increase significantly in the coming years, as the need for health services due to an increasing proportion of the elderly is continually rising, but the number of specialized health professionals will not increase proportionally. Several steps have been taken in this direction, e.g. patient management through Heilsuvera. This enables monitoring the condition of individuals with regular questionnaires and educational materials. Increased use of solutions such as Heilsuvera brings the individual closer to their treatment and can help them make informed decisions on matters concerning their own health. Due to the small population size, Iceland is in a unique position to be at the forefront in terms of collaboration between individuals and the system through digital healthcare solutions.


Professionals with experience and knowledge

 More than 60 specialists work within Origo Healthcare Solutions. They have diverse backgrounds, but all share a common goal - to create software solutions that improve the services of the health system - for health professionals, but also for the general public.

 Héðinn Jónsson is the product manager of Origo's Healthcare Solutions; he is a trained physiotherapist and health economist and has worked within different units of the welfare system in recent years. He takes a problem-solving approach to the challenges that can be found in the health system and looks for ways to solve them through information technology.

"It has always been my passion that my job is about improving the quality of life of others. By working in information technology in the field of healthcare solutions, I see the possibilities of influencing the lives of so many individuals" Héðinn says.

Héðinn Jónsson, Product Manager with Origo's Healthcare SolutionsHéðinn Jónsson, Product Manager with Origo's Healthcare Solutions

According to Héðinn, the future for healthcare solutions is bright and exciting and he hopes that the biggest change in the coming years will be for individuals to have greater overview over their health issues, thus enabling them to become more involved in their treatment. "Our systems should be a support to the individual and that is how we transfer the power to them. The healthcare system then supports individuals with their decisions and treatment". 

Upcoming projects: Increased overview with digital interface

 Professionals at Origo Healthcare Solutions are constantly developing and innovating our solutions. A large part of our work is based on the Saga medical record database, where we see great opportunities for further development, such as introducing a web interface.

 This change gives us the opportunity to take bigger steps in our projects related to innovation and development. These steps are taken with emphases on the following points

Individuals having overview of their issues in Heilsuvera
Professionals having overview of individuals under their responsibility
Overview across organizations

We are proud to be a leader in the development of healthcare solutions in Iceland and grateful for our continued successful collaboration with the healthcare system.

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