Take your company to new heights by using ERP


Enterprise resource planning, or ERP systems are an investment in your company’s productivity, operations, intelligence and efficiency. These benefits will empower your company to become more competitive, more productive and be able to meet your costumer’s needs at another and more professional level.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful cloud-based ERP system, all in one business management solution. Instead of using different software, your company can use this ERP system to one single comprehensive solution to manage operations, finances, sales and customer relationship management, supply chain management and tools for stock control.

The ERP system, Dynamics 365 Business Central, can be adapted to your company’s needs regarding administration, financial management and workflow. The design of the role-based interface in the ERP system, gives you an easy access to all tasks solved by different employees in the company.

With an implementation of for example Dynamics 365 Business Central your company can achieve following advantages:

Streamlined IT costs

Instead of spending resources on multiple systems, you can focus all these costs into one ERP system and even save IT cost overall and improve efficiency. If your company only has to use one single system it reduces training requirements for employees, since they only need to learn one system.

Customer service

Client information is centralized and streamlined into a central location in the ERP system, the employees will be able to focus on maintaining and building customer relationships. The data consolidating in the ERP system ensures the employees have the key information they need, to optimize interactions with the costumers.

Data quality and security

The ERP system is a single input system, which results in a high data quality where the data can be consistent, accurate and secure. One of the biggest advantages of an ERP system is the data security, with a high level both on premise and in the cloud.

Supply chain management

Through an implementation at an ERP system your supply chain management can improve lead times, more on-time deliveries and other benefits that enhance the overall operations. The ERP system can ensure a streamlined supply chain that is more responsive through improved inventory management, production, demand forecasting and distribution.

Improved reporting and planning

By using only one single system, an ERP system, ensures an integrated reporting system for all processes, which can be effective at the information sharing across various departments. An ERP system can readily facilitate better reports and analytics of business performance, with a simplified workflow.

Improved workflows and efficiency

An ERP system can increase uptime for your employees and in the same time let the employees se the big picture with the access to the company’s wealth of data. An implementation of the system can reduce or maybe eliminate repetitive manual processes and therefore give the employees more time to focus on their daily activities.

Improved collaboration

A lot of companies find their employees working in silos because collaboration requires more effort and time. The collaboration is easier with an ERP system, because the system streamlines the processes and providing employees with the access to the data needed. This will result in a better communication across the company, and give the employees the right tools to make proactive decisions.

Standardized business processes

Implementing an ERP system allows your company to standardize existent systems and processes, which further improves efficiency and productivity. Today many processes are automated and therefore are costs and errors greatly reduced, which result in less friction and a higher efficiency.