Want a better way than running your compliance system in a manual filing system?

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Are you a compliance manager that has worked out the perfect system, where you know where every working and published document is? Great! But what happens when you're retiring, or decide to change jobs?

Working in a manual filing system can work perfectly fine. The problem isn’t that you haven’t been doing a good job, or that information is missing – it’s usually that someone else has trouble finding the information.

Problems that may occur when using a manual filing system

Even if you know exactly where every document is, and what every folder contains – others can have a hard time understanding your structure.
Maybe you use standard operating procedures with many linked documents. That means that if you’re using a manual system, you have to update the links manually as well. A process that’s usually time-consuming.
With a manual filing system, it is challenging to be able to show the version history in an external audit, which can cause problems with traceability.
Working manually as a compliance manager can be tricky. If you have a document with many links that need to be updated every time a change is made, it takes much longer to do this manually than working in a system that does this automatically.

The possibilities with a cloud compliance system

There are several available compliance management systems out there. They vary in terms of internal structure, but all can help you with an automated compliance set-up. All solutions today are more or less cloud-based since we need to get full access wherever we may be at the moment.

Some of the benefits of using a digital compliance management system are:

Easier to comply with standards, law, and regulations
All information gathered in one place
Inbuilt compliance methodology
Easier to ensure that procedures comply with requirements
Ensures traceability and version control

If you want more information about compliance systems, read about how you can improve internal and external audits with an automated system here.

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