21. OKTÓBER 2019

Gunnar Zoëga Appointed as Managing Director of End-User Solutions

Gunnar Zoëga has been appointed as Managing Director of End-User Solutions at Origo. In connection with the appointment, Gunnar has announced that he is stepping down as alternate member of the Origo Board of Directors. The outgoing Managing Director of End-User Solutions, Emil Einarsson, will now head Origo's Business Relations division.

Origo's End-User Solutions unit is a leading seller of various end-user equipment, including PCs and audio and visual solutions to enterprises and resellers. End-User Solutions also offers POS systems, printing solutions and ATM systems.

"After holding a managerial position at Origo for a number of years, Gunnar has served as an alternate member of the Origo Board of Directors for the past year. He has an excellent understanding of the business that we are in and is familiar with every aspect of Origo's operations. We are delighted that he is rejoining the Origo management team," says Finnur Oddsson, CEO of Origo.

"Business Relations will be given an expanded role and will focus its efforts on providing expert IT consultation to larger customers, strengthen relations with them, coordinate sales efforts across Origo's units and provide customers with value-enhancing solutions that improve operational efficiency. Emil Einarsson has years of experience in sales and possesses extensive knowledge of corporate IT operations. Hence, we are confident that the efforts of our Business Relations division will further improve our service to customers in the ever-changing IT landscape," says Finnur.

Origo's management is composed of, in addition to the CEO, Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir, Gunnar Petersen, Gunnar Zoëga, Hákon Sigurhansson, Ingimar Bjarnason and Örn Alfreðsson.

The Origo hf. Board of Directors is composed of :

  • Gudmundur Jóh. Jónsson
  • Hildur Dungal, Vice-Chairman
  • Hjalti Þórarinsson
  • Ívar Kristjánsson, Chairman
  • Svafa Grönfeldt
  • Elísabet Grétarsdóttir, Alternate

The Board of Directors is qualified to render decisions in accordance with Article 71 of the Icelandic Act on Limited Companies.

For further information, please contact Finnur Oddsson (at fo@origo.is or +354 516 1000).