18. JÚNÍ 2020

Jón Björnsson is the new CEO of Origo

The Board of Directors of Origo hf. has appointed Jón Björnsson as CEO of the Company, effective 21 August 2020.

Jón Björnsson has extensive experience in company management and transformation projects, both in Iceland and in Scandinavia. Most recently, Jón served as the CEO of Festi and Krónan, and he was previously the CEO of Magasin du Nord and Hagar.

Jón serves on the boards of Boozt.com and Klappir Grænar Lausnir, among others.

Jón Björnsson

"This is the most exciting industry today and Origo is currently at a very interesting stage of its development. The Company boasts an exceptional combination of ingenuity, human resources, knowledge and experience in this market, which has delivered results both in Iceland and abroad.

I very much look forward to working with the people at Origo as the Company takes the next step on its journey."

Hjalti Þórarinsson, Chairman of the Board

"We are particularly pleased that Jón Björnsson is joining Origo and believe that his leadership skills as well as his experience of international operations and strategic planning will greatly benefit the Company going forward.

When we made the decision to merge several brands under the Origo name, we knew it was a big task but we also realised the importance of being able to offer our customers one-stop comprehensive solutions for all their needs.

Finnur Oddsson led this project exceptionally well, while also presiding over the sale of a stake in Tempo. This journey has created a new foundation for the Company's future operations and we wish Finnur all the best in his new position. The last few months have demonstrated that the expertise that we bring to managed services, business intelligence and various remote conferencing solutions is essential for businesses to thrive. This unique position, along with a strong portfolio of software solutions, creates opportunities for growth which are not restricted to Iceland. We look forward to working with Jón on further expanding the opportunities for Origo.

We are proud to welcome Jón to Origo."

For further information, please contact Hjalti Þórarinsson hjalti@origo.is