18. MARS 2020

Measures in response to Covid-19 and postponement of dividend payment

In recent weeks, the Board of Directors and management of Origo hf. have taken measures to prepare the Company for the circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic consequences. The Company is well positioned to cope with these unprecedented conditions, both in terms of its ability to make the necessary adjustments to customer services and its financial and liquidity position. Nevertheless, given the great uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook over the next few months, it is still necessary to exercise extreme caution by further reinforcing the Company's long-term position.

The measures taken by management are first and foremost aimed at ensuring business continuity in order to minimise disruption to Origo's services. The Company currently services a number of businesses and institutions which play a socially important role, including related to the Icelandic health care system, civil protection, transport, financial services and retail.

Secondly, specific measures will be taken to ensure that the Company will have sufficient financial strength and liquidity to meet the unforeseen circumstances referred to above. As part of these measures, the Board of Directors has decided to make changes to the dividend payment date from that announced at the Company's AGM on 6 March 2020. At the AGM, it was agreed to pay a dividend of ISK 0.4138 per share for the year 2019, totalling ISK 180,000,000 to be paid out on 19 March 2020. The Board of Directors has decided to postpone the payment of a dividend for an indefinite period, although the new dividend payment date will be no later than 6 September 2020.

For further information, please contact CEO Finnur Oddsson at +354 862 0310 or fo@origo.is and CFO Gunnar Petersen at +354 825 9001 or gp@origo.is.