25. FEBRÚAR 2021


Thursday, March 4th 2021 at 14.00


  1. The Board of Directors report on the Company´s activities for the preceding year.
  2. Confirmation of Consolidated Financial Statements of the company and decision on the distribution of net profit for the fiscal year 2020
  3. Decision on remuneration to the Board of Directors for 2021 for work on subcommittees
  4. Board proposal for remuneration policy
  5. Election of the board of Directors
  6. Election of Auditor
  7. Board proposal on the election of two representatives on nomination committee
  8. Proposals from shareholders
  9. Proposal on authorisation to purchase shares (article 55 of Public Limited Companies Act)
  10. Other subjects

For shareholders to sign up, go to https://www.origo.is/um-origo/adalfundur. The meeting will be held through Lumiglobal where shareholders can observe and vote. Further information and instructions on electronic participation, passwords and voting can be found on Origo’s webpage. Please keep in mind that it can take up to five weekdays to receive a password.

The right of shareholders to add to the agenda and voting

Every shareholder has the right to have certain cases considered at the meeting, if they apply for it in writing or electronically with enough time pending. The requests of shareholders to add to the agenda should be handed in no later than ten days before the meeting, that is, before 14.00 on Monday, the 22nd of February, 2021. Please email your requests to stjorn@origo.is

At the shareholder meeting, one vote comes with every one króna of shares. The companies own shares do not garner votes.

Shareholder that cannot attend the meeting can bestow voting powers on other individuals or vote in writing. Those shareholders that intend to employ one of these methods are advised to inform themselves on the procedures on Origo’s webpage. Information on how to fill out those forms and hand them in is available there.

Other Information

The final agenda and all documents presented at the annual meeting, including annual accounts and other suggestions, will be available on the company’s webpage from February 18th, 2021. Shareholders attention is brought to article 63 of Public Companies Limited Act, where it is stated that one needs to hand in a written statement, at least five days before a shareholders’ meeting, if one plans to be a candidate for election on the board.

Notification of candidacy shall be sent to stjorn@origo.is. The candidates will be introduced on the company’s webpage no later than two days before the annual meeting.

The nomination committee’s proposal on the composition of the board will be available on the company’s webpage. Information on candidates for the board will be published no later than two days before the annual meeting.

Reykjavík, 11. February 2021,
Board of Directors, Origo hf.

All further information about the meeting is available at https://www.origo.is/um-origo/adalfundur