12. JANÚAR 2023

Origo hf. – Notice from the Nomination Committee

The role of the Nomination Committee is to propose candidates to serve at the Board of Directors and shall put forth a proposal at the annual general meeting where Board election is on the agenda. 

The committee evaluates candidates for the board and nominates with emphasis on the appropriate and diverse competence, experience and knowledge of the board members and the board. 

The committee is currently working and preparing its proposals for the company's next annual general meeting which will be held on 9th of March 2022. 

Those who intend to run for the board are advised to send a CV and cover letter to tilnefningarnefnd@origo.is before 22:00 on the 20th of January next. After that time, the committee will submit its proposals for the composition of the board before the company's annual general meeting.