29. NÓVEMBER 2022

Origo hf. – Transactions in relation to share buyback program – Share buyback program completed

In week 48, Origo hf. (ORIGO) bought a total of 202,198 own shares for ISK 17,211,830 as follows:

DateTimeNumber of sharesPurchase PriceTransaction ValueOwn shares after purchase

The transactions are in accordance with Origo's share buyback program approved by the Board of Directors on March 3 2022, according to announcement sent to the stock exchange on the same day.

Origo has aquired a total of 4,000,000 shares, which corresponds to 100% of the own shares that should be purchased according to the plan. The purchase price of the purchased shares amounts to a total of ISK 343,335,330. Origo‘s holding of own shares corresponds to 8,066,935 shares, or 1.85% of the Company's total share capital, which is 435,000,000, whereas previous to this share buybuck program the company owned 4,066,935 shares, or 0.93%.

Purchases according to the share buyback program are now complete as the maximum number of shares has been reached.

According to the share buyback program plan, a maximum of 4,000,000 shares will be purchased at nominal value and the amount of the repurchases will not exceed ISK, 350,000,000. The program will end no later than 1 March 2023, or sooner if the conditions for maximum purchases are met before that time.

The repurchase program is implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Limited Liability Companies Act no. 2/1995, Article 5 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council (EU) on the Act no. 596/2014, as well as the delegated regulation of the executive board 2016/1052, compared to the law on actions against market fraud no. 60/2021. to the Act on Limited Companies no. 2/1995 and annex to regulation on insider information and market fraud no. 630/2005.

Further information

Gunnar Petersen Chief Financial Officer, tel, 825-9001 or gp@origo.is.