12. JÚLÍ 2019

Tölvutek Resumes Operations

Tölvutek, which closed this summer, will resume operations in the next few weeks. The new company will be a subsidiary of Origo, with several key personnel being brought over.

In its new form, Tölvutek will focus on the sale of equipment and solutions to consumers and households. The company will offer Lenovo personal computers in the consumer market as well as computer equipment from other manufacturers. Subsequently, Origo will reduce its direct involvement in the sale and marketing of personal computers to consumers and focus instead on the marketing of Lenovo computers and related equipment to enterprises and institutions. Warranty services for Tölvutek will be provided by Origo.

"We are very excited to recommence operations after a brief hiatus and are thankful for the great amount of goodwill shown to the Tölvutek brand and its values. For years, Tölvutek has lead the way in providing computer equipment at reasonable prices for the enterprise segment and we now look forward to focusing our full attention on taking advantage of the great opportunities we see in the consumer market with the backing of a strong partner," says Hafþór Helgason, Managing Director of Tölvutek.

Tölvutek is currently scheduled to open at two locations, in Reykjavik and Akureyri, within the next few weeks.