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Origo has been helping banks with their digital transformation for 20 years. We understand the critical need for seamless implementation of new IT solutions, enabling you to streamline your core banking services and keep evolving without any business interruption.

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Our banking solutions


Core systems replacement

When working with small and medium-sized financial firms to upgrade their core banking systems, we are helping them meet the requirements of modern, automated banking and enabling competitive innovation. These projects take time, which makes it crucial to manage them incrementally, overlapping new systems with old to maintain previous levels of service. As we like to say: We manage the core while you innovate on the frontier.



Security on all fronts

Security is our number one concern when it comes to banking IT. This applies in particular when projects involve systems which run online. We work with Syndis, a leading Icelandic security company, and use Microsoft Technology Stack, so we are familiar with the source of all our software and our development processes are extremely robust. To maintain outstanding awareness of the latest development in security issues, we run a yearly training program for our teams. It’s simply a part of our DNA.



Unlocking potential

As we implement system changes, we strive to help our clients enhance their business processes and innovate, showing them how to make the most of their new tools for the benefit of their customers and themselves. We will carefully go through any adaptations that need to be made and present you with new opportunities to use your updated systems to improve processes.


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