Cloud Compliance and Quality

CCQ (Cloud Compliance & Quality) is a cloud-based quality management solution, easily accessible on all devices as a subscription service.

CCQ helps you focus on your core business and provides you with the tools and resources you need to efficiently prepare for the GDPR.


GDPR Compliance with CCQ


CCQ Quality Manual


What are the benefits of CCQ?

GDPR built into the system

The GDPR regulation has been fully integrated into the CCQ system which makes it simple to refer to certain articles or provisions of the regulation that the company needs to fulfil.

Better overview

The company's operational procedures and processes are recorded in the CCQ system and all data is presented clearly and concisely. Access to important information is easy and managers get a better overview of the company's compliance with GDPR.

GAP analysis

The CCQ system has an inbuilt functionality that identifies what is needed to meet the requirements of the GDPR regulation. This can be very valuable in understanding what steps need to be taken for further preparation.


Case Study

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) wanted its workforce to be able to access quality and compliance information wherever and whenever they needed it.

Now IRCA's employees can view quality management information via mobile devices, using a Cloud Compliance and Quality (CCQ) solution from Origo, which is built and hosted in the IBM® Cloud™.

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Viktor Steinarsson, Director of Information Technology at the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA), describes how cloud-based quality management is helping ensure the country's roads are safe for residents and visitors.

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CCQ consists of six different modules

Quality Manual

Documents the company's operational procedures and processes with useful cross-references to GDPR, ISO or other standards, laws and regulations.

Incidents & Complaints

Simplifies the handling of incidents and complaints, and enables your business to continuously improve and streamline its operations.

Risk Management

Helps you identify potential risks to your business, assess their severity and construct successful mitigation strategies to reduce their impact.


Facilitates management of audits and nonconformities with speed and precision, by giving you control of the entire audit execution lifecycle.

Competency Management

Maps the training, skills and knowledge of the workforce, and enables companies to increase employee capability to achieve their business goals.

Asset Management

Ensures proper registration of the company‘s assets, improves the maintenance and supervision of valuable equipment and maximizes return on investment.


The dashboard is the entrance to the CCQ system. It has various configuration options, and can be customized depending on your areas of interest. The dashboard allows you to monitor the company‘s compliance metrics, and to focus your efforts on important business goals.

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