The Digital Journey

The digital journey is one of today‘s biggest challenges for companies, institutions, governments and municipalities. When done right, it creates a wealth of opportunites to improve your operations and stand out in your field. Origo has been at the forefront of the digital journey since its earliest days. We have broad and intimate knowledge of all its aspects, and our experts are up to speed with state-of-the-art technical solutions. Whatever your needs are – a customer portal, online store or secure data exchange layer – we lead you from analysis through the implementation and servicing of a fully operational solution.

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A Leader in Digital Transformation

Why Origo?

A Leader in Web Solutions

With us, you gain access to extensive expertise in the development, implementation and servicing of web solutions.

Ready- or Custom-made

If ready-made solutions do not fit your needs perfectly, we design tailor-made solutions, build and integrate them with your other systems.

Expert Concultancy

Our veteran experts offer all the help you need to find the right solutions and new ways in which your company can succeed.

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Our solutions

The problems we help you solve



Experience has taught us that the right methodology makes all the difference. We employ the Agile approach to software development and project management, which allows us quick response times and enables us to deliver the product to our customers in the steps that will result in creating the most value for them.



Design Sprint

An evidence-based design process is the key to moving a project quickly and surely from idea to implementation. We most often launch a project with a design sprint, a well-proven method to getting a clear overview of a project with a five day intensive sprint involving your experts and ours.


The results

We have co-operated on multible different digital journeys, here are some examples:

Digital Iceland

Origo has worked with the Icelandic authorities to implement digital solutions throughout ministries and government institutions. The aim of the Digital Iceland project is to digitise the communication between government institutions on the one hand and the public and businesses on the other – in order to make all services more efficient and user-friendly.

Stafrænt Ísland

Digital enrolment in Reykjavik Primary Schools

Parents and guardians of school-aged children in Reykjavik can now enrol their children in their local primary schools or apply to other schools of their choice, through the Reykjavik online service portal. This makes enrolment more accessible, simplifies the process of starting school and improves the flow of information.

Stafræn vegferð


Origo + 26 Government Institutions In 2020, the Icelandic authorities started the implimentation of X-Road, a communication layer that allows direct and secure data exhange between information systems. Communcation with government institutions now goes through X-Road. All communication is encrypted, the system verifies the identity of all parties and does not store any data.

Straumurinn X-Road

Digital criminal record

Origo + Digital Iceland + District Commisioners + Police

All Icelanders can now download their criminal record at using their electronic certificate. With the latest update, this service is available to everyone, regardless of their standing. A large majority of the criminal records issued is now on a digital format.

Stafrænt Ísland

Digital mortage certificate

Origo + Digial Iceland + District Commisioners

All Icelanders can now access an official digital mortage certificate for any real estate property from the Property Registry of Registers Iceland. The mortage certificate automatically includes a certified English translation, and is accessible when you log onto

Digital driving course

All aspects of the process of obtaining a driving licence are now being made digital, including applications, course materials, student and teacher portals, driving school services, testing and the issuing of licences. This renders the whole process more efficient, puts less strain on the environment and provides better service to a huge number of people.