Healthcare Solutions

Origo's healthcare solutions are used daily by thousands of healthcare professionals in all major healthcare institutions across the country.

7,000 digital prescriptions go through Origo's system every day
Origo has developed Alma, a system that calculates social security amounting to ISK 85 billion each year for the Icelandic Social Insurance Administration.

Developed since 1993

Our healthcare solutions are based on an old foundation dating back to 1993, when the development of the medical records system Saga began.


Origo assists WHO in developing a digital vaccination certificate

Origo specialists are assisting the World Health Organization (WHO) in developing a digital vaccination certificate. Iceland is the first country to issue a digital vaccination certificate and the solution, developed by Origo, has attracted worldwide attention.


New and exciting solutions

Smásaga APP

Registration in real time
Overview of employee's department
Displays last 10 patients
Search for patients by name or ID number

Central medicine card

Keeps track of patients' medication at any time
Overview of drug history
Better prescription information
Increases prescription safety

Prescription and administration registration

Integrated with the eMed prescription system
Increases safety in administration
Manages collection and registration of administration
Overview of the status of administration


Displays overview of hospitalized patients in a ward on screen
Displays key information from each person's medical record
Treatment team information can be entered
Displays specific flags set by the ward

Questionnaires in Heilsuvera

Questionnaires\health assessment can be sent from Saga to Heilsuvera
Individuals respond at their convenience
Overview of sent questionnaires and replies accessible in Saga
Aiming for automatic flagging and transmission of educational material

Point of service monitor

Individuals register on arrival
Payment of expense items
Receipt issued if payment is made on POS monitor

Our solutions

Saga - Electronic Medical Records

Saga is a medical records system that manages electronic medical records in Iceland. The system is used in all major health institutions and health centers across the country, a number of private clinics and in nursing homes.

Hekla - Health Network

Hekla is a closed electronic communication network for the transmission of health data between entities within the health system.

Medicor - Medication Dispensing

Medicor is a comprehensive medication dispensing system for pharmacies. In addition to standard medication dispensing, Medicor receives electronic prescriptions and sends information on dispensed prescriptions to the Social Insurance Administration.

Vera - Health Portal

On the website the public can communicate with healthcare professionals and access data that is registered about them in the healthcare system in Iceland.

Askja - Statistics and Reports

Askja is a processing tool that processes data from Saga. It offers both reports and access in Excel using so-called data cubes or blocks that can be rotated in various ways.


Deildarvaki provides an overview of patients in the ward. There are different needs for what is displayed on such an overview and it depends on whether it is an inpatient ward or a day/outpatient ward.

Prescription and Administration Registration

A new electronic drug administration registration system allows nurses to keep track of drug collection, dosage and register administration.

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