Kjarni - Cloud based Payroll and HR system

Origo has more than 20 years' experience in designing, developing and providing HR and payroll solutions.

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Benefits of Kjarni

Comprehensive reporting

Ease and flexibility characterise the reporting features embedded in all sections of Kjarni.

Efficient payroll processing and HR management

Perfect flow between different Kjarni sections as well to other systems.

Hosting and maintenance made easier

Secure hosting of Kjarni at Origo ensures easy maintenance and reduces costs.



Equal pay

Equal pay with Kjarni

The categorisation of the different job positions that exist at a company is necessary for achieving equal pay objectives. The ability to compare different jobs based on well-defined criteria makes it possible to ensure that jobs of equal value are classified together. Salary analysis is also key to achieving the equal pay certification: this is a regular survey of the wages and employment terms of employees which is conducted in order to determine whether the company has a gender wage gap problem.

Kjarni makes it easy get a clear overview of the company's payroll situation and allows management to:

  • store and access payroll data and information on employment terms and perform detailed analysis of such data;

  • assign an appropriate value to different job positions based on responsibility, required qualifications, education or experience, and perform an equal pay analysis based on this categorisation;

  • use salary analysis to formulate the company's equal pay policy and establish goals related to equal pay;

  • classify and deliver data to evaluators for purposes of the equal pay certification.