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Today’s governments face a number of era-defining challenges: The rising demand for digital services on-site and in the cloud, the need to rebuild economies and gain economic welfare and trust, implementing climate change agenda and a sea change in the skills pool. IT plays an integral role in enabling the public sector to meet these challenges. Origo works with many government bodies and institutions to modernise, streamline and gain positive user experience by implementing new digital transformation.

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The user is always the top priority. That is why we employ an agile sprint approach to design and deploy IT solutions that increase public sector capacity and efficiency, laying the groundwork for innovative services and enabling economies to open up again in a speedy manner.



How can I help you?

Origo has in the past years worked with public institutions to improve customer service and capacity by implementing chatbots. Chatbots are able to handle high volumes of enquiries at any hour of the day, relieving the demands on employees. This technology is installed in single a day and, since it uses machine learning technology, continues to improve the longer it is used.

Innovative solutions provided by Origo: IBM Watson Intelligent virtual agent



No paper please

Government institutions take a big step toward the future when they go on their digital transformation journey with Origo. We have been pioneers on many fronts, including creating the world’s first digital Covid certificates. That same technology, along with digital signatures, we are now developing onwards to automate various processes, and cut out time-consuming paperwork. This results in shorter waiting times for users and much higher capacity.

Innovative solutions provided by Origo: Rent-A-Prent, Unimaze e-invoicing and Dokubit e-signing.



Building trust

Around the globe, cyber attacks threaten governments and economies. Origo has extensive knowledge and experience with developing cybersecurity solutions. With the rapid deployment of world class IT solutions, we help governments ensure service worthy of trust, in order to protect our people, earth and economies.

Innovative solutions provided by Origo: Syndis and Origo´s security solutions.



Running on green energy

Origo’s services are powered by Iceland’s renewable geothermal energy sources. We help public institutions around the world to lower their carbon footprint by implementing more energy-efficient services that use less natural resources. In this way we contribute towards the fulfilment of climate change goals.

Innovative solutions provided by Origo: Timian sustainable purchasing and Verne datacenter.


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