Better tech - Better retail

From warehousing and logistics right through to point of sale and delivery, Origo has the right solution for your company. We offer a comprehensive range of IT retail solutions, helping you both to provide your customers with outstanding service and to meet your goals for a greener, fairer company.

Retail is increasingly moving online and a new generation of shoppers are discerning. We come in to help you exceed their expectations online, at the same time as we create fabulous in-store experiences.

We know that the customer is always your top priority. That is why we employ an agile sprint approach to design and deploy IT solutions that increase capacity and efficiency, simplify the shopping process and reduce the impact of your operations on the planet.

Engaging retail experiences

Origo offers a range of solutions which enhance both service and the in-store experience: point of sale, self-scanning and self-service checkout, electronic shelf labelling, signage and multimedia displays. Our security solutions use AI to keep a constant watch over key parts of the store to prevent theft. Our goal is to be able to meet your needs, whatever they may be, so among other options we offer a POS rent service, ideal for startups looking for a more flexible and accessible POS solution.

Smarter click and collect

If you run an online store, Origo can help you throughout the customer journey, from creating the online shopping app to integration with order fulfilment systems, to delivery and customer collec-tion. Our Smartbox solution is a digital locker system that allows online shoppers to collect and return items at their own convenience, without having to queue or wait for stores to open.

Snjallbox í verslun

Streamlined warehousing and logistics

Origo will provide all the IT solutions you need for your back end operations. This includes hunter computers for picking and packing, digital inventory, integration with online retail platforms, cus-tomer communications systems for sending out automated order updates, and courier booking systems that find the best price for the best delivery route. All these back end solutions save time and money for your company, improve efficiency and gives your customers more for their money.

Séð inn í stórt vöruhús

Supporting you to net zero

Today’s companies strive towards minimising their negative effects on the environment. Origo’s retail solutions help you achieving significant savings in energy consumption and waste. Our elec-tronic shelf labelling systems saves paper, our Smartbox helps spread customer journeys throughout the day and night, relieving traffic build-up at peak times, and so on.

We ourselves work toward being a green supplier as well. All our service car fleet is now electric, all our office waste is sorted and recycled, we encourage flexible working from home, cutting down on travel and increasing working efficiency – and all our power comes from Iceland’s re-newable energy sources.

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