United VARs

International SAP roll-outs, optimization projects, and cooperation in over 90 countries.

45 market-leading SAP solution providers.
Operating in over 90 countries.
Over 10,000 SAP midmarket consultants.
Serving 8,000 customers worldwide.
1 of only 9 global SAP Platinum Partners worldwide.
United VARs

Origo is a Member of United VARs

Origo is a member of United VARs, the leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the mid-market. As a Platinum Partner, UnitedVARs is certified with the highest SAP status. This means United VARs is among the leading solution providers in the world with over 10 years of experience, guaranteeing the best service and support for your international roll-out projects, ERP optimization projects, and cross-border nearshoring.

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Is your Company Interested in Foreign Markets?

Is your company small or medium-sized and interested in accessing foreign markets? Are you considering international activities and/or setting up an ERP system abroad?

If your company has already established a precense abroad then you want to be able to have access to relevant business information and reports and to coordinate business processes.

For successful SAP implementation abroad work with reliable professionals who are familiar with the relevant market.


Why choose Origo and United VARs for your global SAP implementations?

Global Reach

Network in over 90 countries covering the most relevant markets with one central project lead for your global SAP implementation project.

Local Service and Support

Tailored on-site service & support thanks to knowledge about language, culture and local & legal requirements and changes. Country-specific add-ons.

Market Leaders

United VARs members are hand-selected technology leaders. Only the best local SAP partners can become members of United VARs, regarding their years of experience, SAP status, and industry-specific SAP knowledge.

Integration Experts

Integration and optimization of your global systems creates unified processes, transparency, and uniform reporting.

Shared Portfolio

Customers benefit from shared experiences, solutions and resources in a global environment.

United VARs

United VARs - Stronger than One

United VARs members are independent entities. Each has its own market strategy and solution portfolio, but all work together towards the common goal of making your international projects successful.

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