This is Origo

We offer a wide range of IT products and services: Software, End-User Equipment and Managed Services. We help our customers to succeed by applying our expertise in software, hardware and systems operation. Our customers include consumers, institutions and enterprises from all major sectors in Iceland.  Our focus and specialization - in recent years, has been in the areas of healthcare, finance, travel, commerce and services. 

Plánetan jörð

How it all began

Origo was created by the merger of Nýherji, TM Software and Applicon in 2018. The Company traces its roots to 1949 and was for a long time IBM Iceland. IBM Iceland, and later Nýherji, was known for being the leader in Iceland in marketing IBM computers and services to enterprises and consumers. TM Software, which later became Skyggnir, was one of the 500 largest software companies in Europe in the early 2000s. Applicon had established itself in the Nordic region as a software consulting company.

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What we offer

Today the Origo group has more than 30,000 customers both in Iceland and abroad. We offer a broad range of powerful solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, from hardware, digital transformation, system operation and services to information security, ERP and BI, as well as the digital world.

We also offer a more specialized range of solutions for banks, human resources departments and the energy sector.

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What drives us

We believe that better technology can improve our lives. Our experience shows that we earn trust through our expertise and by listening to our customers. This, combined with our knowledge of the market, gives us the opportunity to create game-changing solutions and services.

We are constantly developing solutions and services with the goal of helping our customers excel.



Join our innovating team

If you like pushing the boundaries and thinking up solutions to new problems, Origo is a great place to work. We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic people with diverse skills and technical knowledge, who will enjoy working with us and can help take the company forward.


Better tech - better life

Earning trust

Origo is built on the ingenuity, experience and expertise of our staff. This deep technical knowledge, as well as listening to and creating value for customers, means that we earn trust and contribute in a positive way to society.

Game changing

We believe that better technology will be a game changer and at the same time create value for customers. We want technology to enable our customers to excel and make a difference.

Developing further

Good solutions need to be constantly developed to stay ahead and meet the needs of customers. Technology is subject to rapid changes and in order for it to continually improve, it must be constantly developed - in a fast but also secure manner.

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Useful information


Origo's headquarters are located at Borgartún 37, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland


Tel.: +354 516-1000


ID Number: 530292-2079

VAT Number: 32790


Here you can find the general terms and conditions of Origo and Origo Solutions for the services provided, together with the Terms for the processing of personal information where information is processed on behalf of customers.