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We can help

Whatever industry or sector you are in, we can help by offering advice, solutions and managed services that make your IT really work for you.

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Boosting creativity

Digital Solutions

Origo people are innovators who can solve your organisational challenges by developing software solutions specific to your needs. We have developed a number of solutions for the healthcare and travel sectors, as well as a wider range of tailored security and web solutions.

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Inspiration technology

Operation Solutions

Streamline your workflows and make the most of the cloud with our range of operations solutions. Save time and money with our managed IT services, add efficiency to your HR and payroll functions and store your data securely with our cloud and security solutions.

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Be Direct

Business Software

Our customers have worked with us to develop a variety of solutions for day-to-day business requirements, such as banking, insurance, import/export, payroll, compliance and quality assurance. We supply and support SAP and Business Central solutions, with full back-up and training.

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Job Opportunities

Join our innovation team

If you like pushing the boundaries and thinking up solutions to new problems, Origo is a great place to work. We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic people with diverse skills and technical knowledge, who will enjoy working with us and can help take the company forward.

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Sharing our ideas and insights

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