Job Opportunities

Origo places great emphasis on hiring the most qualified people available. Our recruitment process is thorough and professional and we pride ourselves in offering an attractive work environment and competitive terms.

We look to recruit a broad group of people with diverse skills and technical knowledge.

You can see current job openings here, but if you do not see a job that suits your particular skills, you can submit a general application.


Persónuupplýsingar umsækjenda

Upplýsingar um meðferð persónuupplýsinga umsækjenda.


Helpful advice for applicants

We offer helpful advice to applicants on how to write an effective CV and how to prepare for the job interview.


The most important thing is to write a professional and clear CV

We recommend that you list your work experience/education in a chronological order with the most recent on top
Make sure that all dates are correct
List the positions you have held and provide a brief description of each position
It is good to add your photo to the CV, although not necessary
Highlight your strengths and abilities such as computer knowledge, languages and other skills that are useful for the position being applied for
Include references and specify whether they can be contacted or if you should be notified in advance
It is very important to have someone read over your CV to get feedback and review spelling
Once you have written your CV in Word, it is advisable to save it as a PDF file or use a ready-made template such as those available at

How do I prepare for a job interview?

Show up on time
Research the company beforehand, e.g. by reading the information on its website
Make sure you know the qualifications and requirements of the job and be ready to answer questions pertaining thereto
Firmly shake the hand of the person receiving you (do not squeeze)
Look at the interviewer when you speak
Do not bring gum, food or drink with you
Smart dressing and cleanliness are advised 
A smile and a positive attitude help create a good impression

Good luck!

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