How Isavia got a flexible HR system for all public airports in Iceland


Isavia was looking for a new, flexible, and customizable HR system. They ended up being one of the test pilots of Origo’s HR system Kjarni, which was back then brand new. Here, Haukur Þór Arnarson, Project Manager at Isavia, describes their cooperation with Origo, and how the company helped them create a stable environment for Isavia’s HR.

As Iceland’s national airport and air navigation provider, Isavia operates all public airports in the country. The company plays a crucial role in Icelandic aviation services, and with their 1 400 employees, Isavia has a vision of becoming the center for aviation in the North Atlantic Continent – connecting North America, Europe, and Asia.

Isavia reached out to Origo (in fact; Nýherji, which was what they were called back then), during the middle of 2015. They had become interested in the new HR system they heard that Origo was promoting, as they weren’t satisfied with their current solution.

We were looking for something more flexible, user-friendly, and a solution where we had a say in customizing the solution to fit our needs, says Haukur.

Isavia was convinced right away after their initial meeting with Origo. From then on, it all happened quite fast, and Isavia became one of the first companies to start using Origo’s newly developed cloud-based payroll and HR system, Kjarni.

The importance of quick responses

For a large company like Isavia, the implementation process was extensive since all their data should now be implemented in Kjarni. The implementation began in October, one section at a time, starting with the payroll system. Following, Isavia wanted to start working with the recruiting section in December – but the solution wasn’t quite finished yet.

One of the reasons that Isavia was looking for a new solution is their annual recruitment for summer workers. It’s a time-consuming process, where around 300-350 employees are being recruited every summer. Isavia receive around 1 000 applications each year, so they wanted a solution that made this recruiting process easier, and that allowed them to meet more applicants.

A slight problem arose in the new recruitment section when applicants were unable to apply to the summer job positions. The reason was that the web design couldn’t handle the number of applications that came in. Luckily, this was something that Origo fixed immediately.

Their response time was very swift, explains Haukur. They made some adjustments right away, then they had to redesign the recruitment section. But it was a process no longer than 2-3 weeks, and they made it a priority for us.

Isavia was the first company to start working with the recruitment section of the HR system. While it might not have been finished by the time they started, they got the opportunity to be a part of creating the system itself. Origo listened to their suggestions, and the recruitment section was then partly customized to fit Isavia’s specific needs, which was much appreciated.

Drawn-out problem-solving turned into speedy service

Another issue Isavia wanted Origo to solve was regarding their employees working as air traffic controllers. As an air traffic controller, you must regularly fulfil the rights to be able to work in your position. These rights are specific courses you need to do frequently, involving tasks like safety and English courses. Through Origo’s system, they found a time-saving solution to their problem.

We have now been able to automate this process, says Haukur. We can use Kjarni to send automated notifications before an employee’s rights are running out, so we can always trust that our air traffic controller's rights are updated.

Positive results gained through open dialogue

The fact that Isavia, as the large Icelandic company it is with specific needs, always has a voice in the process, is of huge relevance to Isavia – since it is something their previous solution didn’t provide.

Kjarni has proved to be a great solution for Isavia’s HR team, and the employees are really happy with the solution. The thing Haukur Þór Arnarson is mostly satisfied with is the service and support the Kjarni team at Origo provides them with. They always respond and solve issues quickly. Isavia is often able to communicate with the same person at Origo, and they always have an open dialogue, which is one of the reasons for their flourishing cooperation.

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